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About The Radio School

About our courses

We run training courses in beginners and advanced radio broadcasting.
We cover all elements in radio broadcasting in our courses, from programme presenting, news reading to research skills and more
Our beginners radio broadcasting course runs over five Tuesday evenings, with one Saturday workshop included. Our advanced radio course runs over three Saturdays.
Our courses run in Dublin city centre, in the studios of Radio Nova.
Yes! Our courses are based in a real-life commercial radio station in Dublin city centre.
Yes, we cover these topics in general on our courses although our Podcasting course goes into more detail about this area than the Beginner and Advanced courses, which focus more on studio work.


Simply use our website to find the course you would like to enrol on, choose that date that suits you and you can book your place online
Yes, simple call our number below and we can answer any questions you might have about our courses
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